Octo Asset Management is an independent fixed income asset management firm accredited by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) in 2011 whose sole business is the management of fixed income funds. A subsidiary of Octo Group, a key player in the credit markets since 1991, Octo AM provides value-added fixed income portfolio management using innovative analytical tools and is guided by the Group’s two founding principles: independence and specialization.

Weekly as of 16/07/2018
Vacation traffic jams have begun to impact the bond market
Even though the end of the 2nd quarter turned out to be complicated for bond portfolio managers, with almost no winning ...


Perf 2018 :-0.07 %
Perf 1 year :-0.1 %
Perf 3 years :0.26 %
Perf 5 years :1.53 %
Since launch :3.75 %
AMF Money market fund
Perf 2018 :-0.18 %
Perf 1 year :-0.32 %
Perf 3 years :1.46 %
Perf 5 years :4.65 %
Since launch :6.41 %
Performance calculated on A-share
Perf 2018 :-1.46 %
Perf 1 year :-1.46 %
Perf 3 years :2.46 %
Perf 5 years :9.81 %
Since launch :25.73 %
Performance calculated on A-share
Objective : EONIA + 7%
In accordance with AMF regulation, the fund performance cannot be disclosed because of its recent history
Germany’s football team may have been eliminated, but the country continues to put in the best bond performances on the eurozone
With the first half of the year now behind us and July holiday goers already preparing their bags, this seems like a good time to do a wrap-up of what was a hectic and complicated first six months on credit markets. Far from us to take advantage of these sunny days to lounge round a swimming pool (obviously, with a giant TV screen nearby to root for our football team). On the other hand, there is nothing better than a graph to get a clear and quick picture of bond performances for the ...
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Investors stuck between cold war and zombies
As we approach mid-year, escalating global tensions are, slowly but surely, starting to impact the financial markets, with the bond and credit markets already suffering for a few months, but the equity markets as yet unaffected. Bond spreads are widening across the board, bumps on the road are increasing in number and the majority of indexes and funds have slipped into negative territory. In 2015, the credit markets showed the first signs of what was to become the stock market crash in early ...
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